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Stefani McMurrey Watters

Stefani McMurrey Watters, 34, is the president of SMartHats.com and designer of couture caps clamored over by celebs such as Courtney Cox. She is also founder of local MoMeYoga classes. She and husband Andy live in Dallas with son Wright, who is 2.

6am Wright slept in. Thank goodness since this is going to be a big day for both of us. We’ve been invited to showcase my MoMeYoga classes on Good Morning Texas. I’m so nervous about being on live TV with him — one minute he’s clingy and loving, the next he’s headstrong and independent.

7am I’ve finally got the house back in order; beds are made, laundry is folded, so now it’s time to put the rollers in the hair and get the makeup on so that we can beat the traffic downtown.

7:45am Wright and I arrive at my friend Angela’s place at the W Residences at Victory Park, where her doorman unloads all of the yoga mats, T-shirts, goody bags, etc to take on set. This way, I won’t be huffing and puffing when I show up at the nearby studio for my interview.

8am We arrive at the studio and are waiting in the lobby/green room until the other mommies that I’ve invited to participate show up with their babies. Several of them get lost and call my cell phone needing directions.

8:45am I’m trying to keep all of the moms and babies quiet so they don’t regret inviting us down to the station. We’ve rehearsed the MoMeYoga class over and over, but somehow I know that everyone’s going to wind up doing their own thing.

8:55am We lay out the yoga mats on set and line-up to do the pre-show demonstration. Some of the babies are crying, fussing, screaming and running around … I’m about to have a panic attack! All the "OM" breathing we did to get warmed up goes right out the window, when I see the producers counting down to showtime. Before I know it, the cameras and lights are upon us and we’re on TV. I’m trying to demonstrate the MoMeYoga poses that we’d rehearsed backstage, but I have no idea if everyone’s following the moves.

9am The interview starts with Wright in my arms. I’m trying not to appear nervous, yet I’m doing the "mommy rock" back and forth to keep Wright in motion as he rests on my hips, admiring himself in the monitor. Suddenly, he gets bored and starts pulling my hair. But screaming is not an option, so I gently turn my head to the side and let a clump of my hair come loose in Wright’s hands … at least he’s not grabbing for the microphone on my shirt.


9:30am We’ve cleared out of the studio and Wright passes out in the car from all of the excitement.

10am After getting gas and driving around to let Wright sleep, I finally arrive at the yoga studio just in time for class. I feel terrible having to wake Wright up to get him out of the car. He’s napping so peacefully. Luckily, he wakes up in a pretty good mood, so hopefully he’ll survive another hour of yoga.

10:30am Class begins and I’m realizing how sore I am from doing the same moves over and over on camera. I’m still on an adrenaline high from the TV show. I’m getting emails and phone calls already from friends who saw the show and they’re all very complimentary about it.

11:30am Class is over. Kimber asks if we’d like to go to her house for lunch. So, we all pick up lunch along the way and head to her place

12pm We’re settling in at Kimber’s house, all six of us and our kids. The kids are entertaining themselves, while we get lunches ready. I’m supposed to be eating a NutriSystem meal, but I’m "celebrating" so I indulge in a croissant club sandwich. I’m sure the fat content qualifies for like two-three meals.

3pm We’re home and Wright’s down for his afternoon nap. I’m sure that every pediatrician in the world would like to tell me that I’m really doing him a disservice by giving him a bottle to fall asleep with, but it works every time.

3:15pm I lay my head down on the pillow and all the sudden it hits me. The tea that Kimber served at lunch must have had caffeine in it, because my heart is racing and there’s no way I’m going to be able to nap. I get up and go to the computer.

5pm Before I know it, Andy is home.

5:30pm Wright’s up and in daddy’s arms (just like he likes it). I’m outside so Andy comes out with Wright and accidentally locks us out of the house. Luckily, I have my car keys so we can at least put Wright in the car while we attempt to take the kitchen door off the hinges.

6pm We’re still locked out, so I run up to the Galleria to return something to keep Wright in motion (he hates to be bored or still for that matter). Wright makes himself at home on every piece of furniture in the store and the man behind the counter assures me that he’s welcome to explore, and not to worry about anything. YEAH RIGHT. I’M NOT GOING TO WORRY ABOUT ANYTHING! I’d have to mortgage my house to pay for that lamp that Wright’s about to knock over. I’m hot on the trails of Wright’s pitter-pattering feet. Suddenly, I realize the ultimate distraction would be to get him to "perform" his dance moves for everyone (me and the salespeople), so I chant "Dance, Wright, Dance." He gracefully lifts one arm up, as if resting it on a partner’s shoulder, and begins to sway side to side, raising one leg up and teetering on the other leg, then switching, then turning in circles until he’s so dizzy he falls down.

6:30pm We arrive back home and I announce to Andy that I simply cannot have another freeze-dried or microwaved NutriSystem meal. He graciously acknowledges my frustration (and doesn’t reprimand me for spending $300 for a month’s worth of food that he always knew I’d never finish) and he offers to cook chicken and rice. I gobble it up like I’m going to the electric chair, while I slug down a Sprite.

7pm Wright’s done with dinner so I strip him down for his bath. He gleefully splashes around in the bathtub, cracking himself up with hysterical laughter over how much fun it is to press his hand up under the shower faucet and watch the water squirt all over the tub. It must be nice to be so easily pleased, to see the wonder in every moment of life, to laugh so carelessly without any concern for tomorrow, the bills, the appointments.

7:30pm Forget being pleased. Wright is not happy that I’ve pulled him out of the tub as he thrashes around while I try to get his diaper on and brush his teeth. Since grandpa is a dentist, it’s imperative that his little "peanut" never wind up with a cavity. All the songs about brushing teeth don’t help; he refuses. So, I put the end of the toothbrush in my mouth and lean in toward his mouth. He opens up and in the toothbrush goes. Now, we’re like two dogs playing tug of war over a toy. Thank goodness no one loses any teeth during this seesaw action.

7:45pm Wright’s in bed and I’m exhausted. I climb into bed and log my daily entry into my 10-year journal.

8pm Lights out. Can’t believe my eyes are so heavy that I can’t even stay awake long enough to watch Cashmere Mafia or read The Maker’s Diet. Just a few years ago, I would just now be getting dressed to go out and hit the town with my friends.