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Spicewood Park in Plano

Sometimes keeping it simple is a good thing—but in the eyes of a child looking to scramble around on a playground, simple can get old very quickly. Such is the case with the quaint Spicewood Park in Plano, located off Alma and Spicewood roads. This playscape earned a B on DallasChild’s Safety Report Card.*

The vast mulched-covered play area is home to a simple swing set (with several rust spots on the swings), a pair of riding animals, a length of monkey bars and a very tall slide. The slide needs the most attention—it’s approximately 9-feet off the ground. The height could pose a safety hazard to children, as could the hard metal safety braces enclosing the top of the slide.

However, Spicewood Park offers a quiet spot for the kids to unwind after a parent’s workout through the Hoblitzelle Park trails. Young children will love bouncing around on the old-fashioned animals on springs, while older children will flex their muscles on the stretch of monkey bars.

This review was distributed to Plano Parks and Recreation for further review and/or action.