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Market by Macys inventory

Southlake’s Newest Addition: Market by Macy’s

there's something for the whole family here

Southlake Town Square has a lot to offer—shops galore and great restaurants to boot. Now, a new must-visit spot has entered the scene: Market by Macy’s.

This new store developed by Macy’s is not your typical department store by any stretch of the imagination.

From the moment you walk in, you feel the way it looks—calm, cool and collected.

Market by Macys entry

When you enter, there’s a long table called the Table of Contents. It displays some of the store’s top picks and gives you an overview of what treasures are inside.

To the right is a chic, walk-up café named Herald that serves food and beverages—including wine that you can take with you and sip as you shop.

Market by Macys cafe Herald

Toward the back of the café is a nice size meeting area that can be used for various events, including the events hosted by the store.

Back out in the main store area, you immediately notice how open and intelligent the layout is. Each section is cross-merchandised with a handful of designers—some well known, some local, some new. The store also gives you an opportunity to learn a bit about the designers. All the designer bios are laid out in an editorial style, with printed text on walls or in plaques.

Oh, and the merchandise changes regularly, so you can visit often and still find something entirely new.

And the way the inventory is laid out just makes sense. Looking for a certain color? It’s all in the same spot. Trying to plan an entire outfit? Shoes, bags and accessories are right by the clothing. There’s a women’s section, athletic section, men’s section, kids’ section and apothecary all steps away from each other.

Market by Macys apothecary

And the kids’ section—wow. In addition to clothing and accessories, there’s a whole play space that includes a Lite-Brite that takes up an entire wall, another wall covered in sequin fabric (the kind you can “draw” on), and an Imagination Playground—toys that can best be described as massive puzzle pieces where kiddos can build their own creations.

On top of all the great finds here, the store has a whole month’s worth of events listed on their wall-sized calendar with a kids’ event is held at least once per weekend.

Market recently hosted a cape-making workshop and a friendship bracelet workshop; a St. Patrick’s day crafting and planter painting workshop is coming up soon.

For the adults, come by for yoga, a body scrub-making workshop, charcuterie board workshop—and there’s a wine club. (That’s just the tip of the iceberg.)

Market by Macys calendar

Overall, the store truly has that “community” feel it’s going for—and we can’t wait to go back.

Wine club anyone?

Photos courtesy of Market by Macy’s.