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Sound Advice: How to Overcome Stress from Bullying?

3 key points to keep in mind

Dr. Colleen Logan is a parent, Dallas-based counselor, and program coordinator for the MS in Marriage, Couple, and Family Counseling program at Walden University’s School of Counseling.

Bullying is an issue with which many parents today are faced— and sadly, children with differences tend to be targeted. While you are your child’s biggest fan, greatest advocate and first role model, it’s normal to become stressed and have feelings of helplessness when you are unable to ensure that others treat your child with dignity and respect. How you handle stress and sadness can have an impact not only on your own mental and physical health but on your child’s as well.

Tips To Minimize Your Stress:
1. Engage with other parents and talk to your child’s teacher, school counselor or school administrators early on to share your feelings, address concerns and understand situations.

2. Take action as soon as possible. This can help you overcome feelings of helplessness and regain a feeling of power.

3. Get help from a mental health professional to provide you and your child with coping strategies during difficult situations.

Being a strong advocate for your child will set a positive example of how to deal with obstacles. Engage in self-care. Practice and model coping strategies. Listen and avoid criticizing. Be a touchstone for your child.

This article was originally published in March 2018.