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Sound Advice: Answering Tough Questions

When children are young, they can ask some pretty startling questions! “How will that baby get out?” or “How did that baby get in there?” Are you prepared to answer those questions? I encourage parents to rely on two key fundamentals: Know your values and the basic biology.

How would you express in one sentence the image that you hope your children have about sex? Are your values different from the culture? Then clarify your message. This message will give you a frame of mind and a vocabulary that will help define the purpose for sex from your family’s perspective.

Then, keep to the basic biology regarding conception and birth in the early years. Reduce your explanations to the simple mechanics, but get these facts clear in your mind so that children are not confused by either myths or too much information.

Your children need both your guidance and accurate information, and finding your voice is empowering! Your family values, along with the basic facts, are the two key elements when speaking to young children.