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Snuffer's Restaurant and Bar

Vibe: Snuffer’s is known across the Metroplex for three Fs: Fun, family and fries. Loud music, great patios and family-sized servings of their famous cheddar fries are what keep families coming back. And, in its 30-year history, Snuffer’s has learned how to craft a mean burger.

Why it's tot-friendly: Although there’s no kids’ menu per se, we don’t think you’ll have any trouble pleasing your young diners. From burgers and quesadillas to hot dogs and (legendary) chicken fried steak, all the favorites are here.

Good to know: Even though the emphasis is heavily toward the burger connoisseur, you can still eat healthy here. The salads are crowd pleasers, as are original marinated chicken dishes, from strips to sandwiches.

Be sure to try: Order an appetizer or two to whet your appetites for what’s to come. Snuffer’s regulars and neophytes alike may be tempted to stick with the cheese fries, but we say branch out! Try an order of fried mushrooms or fried pickles with ranch dressing.

Best times to go with kids: Week nights are great for a night out with the kids, but be prepared to wait on weekend evenings. Also, some locations offer lengthy happy hours, so be prepared for a boisterous crowd on some evenings.

Updated on 2/7/13