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SLANT45: Volunteerism in Fort Worth

It’s always a good lesson to learn to give of yourself, or to help those who are sick or less fortunate. But for some people, it really hits home. After watching their beloved art teacher suffer from cancer, the kids at Fort Worth’s North Hi Mount Elementary took action. In conjunction with SLANT45, the children started collecting coins donate to the American Cancer Society (ACS). According to Larry Moten, site supervisor for the Fort After School Program, second and fi fth graders weekly to count their donations, which come from parents, grandparents and neighbors. The coins are kept in decorated milk jugs, and at the end of November, the students presented a check to the ACS. “They’re learning that you’re not too small or little or too young to make someone’s life better,” says Moten. You’re never too small or too big to learn a lesson like that.