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SLANT45: The Most Important Gift

Adding numbers and writing sentences on the blackboard is what you’d typically expect your child to learn from school. But what about realizing the value of a good deed? At Fort Worth Country Day School, they make service a priority.

According to counselor Theresa Fuss, students began donating books to nearby Richard J. Wilson Elementary four years ago—a school which didn’t even have a full-time librarian on staff. The giving continues this month, when Country Day students in third, fourth and fifth grades will bring gently used books to the school to place under The Giving Tree (their donation bin), and then they will personally deliver them to Richard J. Wilson Elementary School.

For SLANT45’s culminating project, the participating third- through fifth-grade students will create Dream Flags. According to Fuss, students from both schools will write a poem sharing their dream for the world—or just the community—on the flags, and they will connect them together as a symbol of unity.

“How special to … find someone you share a dream with,” says Fuss. Whether that dream is sharing the gift of literacy or just giving a little back when you’ve been blessed … these kids are learning the most important lesson.