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Silver Fox Steakhouse in Frisco

What’s the fastest way to a man’s heart? If you’re getting there by way of his stomach, your most reliable choice comes in several varieties: sirloin, T-bone, filet, rib-eye, strip …

A quality steak may not always be easy to come by, but don’t assume you’ve got to ditch the kiddos or empty your wallet to get it.

At Silver Fox Steakhouse in Frisco, the whole family gets in on the white-tablecloth experience. “We’re in the suburbs,” says proprietor Jeff Osborn, “You can’t exclude kids.” With that in mind, he and his team do everything they can to be welcoming, while still maintaining an atmosphere of sophistication.

The first thing to greet you when you pass through the large awning and sturdy wooden doors is an enormous wine cellar—after all, they’ve got to keep that collection of 175 varieties somewhere. In the main dining room, mahogany paneling hugs dark cherry red walls lined with vintage mirrors and antique city sketches of London and Paris.

When it comes to beef, Silver Fox uses only the best of the best—Iowa corn-fed, giving it a naturally sweeter flavor. Even more, it’s cooked in a Montague steak broiler at 1,400 degrees—much hotter than you’ll get anywhere else—searing it quickly and leaving it moist and tender. A popular choice is the filet, served in “lady” size and “gentleman” size. Complement it with flavorful sides such as sweet potato hash, Maker’s Mark mushrooms, wild rice or sautéed spinach. You can also top any steak with a variety of unique additions, such as the Silver Fox: bleu cheese, garlic and red wine shallot sauce. Beef, you’ll happily note, comes in just about every form and fashion—from the beef tenderloin salad to the French dip sandwich to the beef croustade (crispy garlic toast rounds topped with tender filet slices and Cajun mustard sauce). The seafood offerings are also top notch: Try the cold-water rock lobster tail, or the popular Chilean sea bass.

If your tot wants to feast on your rack of lamb, more power to him. But for kiddos with milder palates, Silver Fox will make tiny tot versions of several of their entrée items, such as chicken fingers, filet, salmon and fried shrimp. Kid’s plates are served with whipped potatoes and a veggie and cost $12.95-$14.95.

So put on your best dress, and indulge the fam in a taste of something decadent—somewhere in between plastic knives and working from the outside in with your silverware.