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Young boy playing with sensory friendly toys

Sensory-Friendly Summer Activities

there's much fun to be had

Summer 2020 has been such a strange season for everyone, and no doubt there have been additional challenges and complications for families with kiddos who have special needs. How do you keep them entertained or engaged throughout the day? Have you run out of ideas for some sensory-friendly fun?

Luckily, you have a village behind you that you probably didn’t even know about: your fellow DFWChild readers.

We took to our social media platforms recently to ask for your ideas on sensory-friendly summer activities. And boy, did y’all deliver.

Below are some of the ideas that were shared. Take a look and consider trying them out with your kids this summer!

  • Nature walks
  • Nature loom: practice cutting with scissors with flowers and leaves
  • Water or mud table
  • Edible paint (Check out this recipe for edible finger paint here)
  • Shaving foam or cream play with food coloring (One mom suggested throwing in some different small toys with the foam such as cars or dinosaurs.)
  • “The girls really like when I ask Alexa to play ‘cooking noises’ while they pretend cook in their play kitchen.” —Jessica Murrugara
  • “Bubble foam and Oobleck! Baby soap, water and food coloring for the bubble foam; and corn starch and water for Oobleck. Both are super simple and quick, but I definitely take them outside.” —@peanutbutternmommy
  • Colored rice
  • Water beads
  • Kinetic sand
  • Jell-O
  • “Our Twig and Olive play dough set!” —@katiemboss

Image courtesy of iStock.