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School Struggle Autism ADHD

School Struggles? It Could Be ADHD or Autism

Consider getting your child evaluated.

School can already be a challenging time for our children engaged in building friend groups and contemplating career decisions, but struggling with learning and making good grades can bring on tons of additional stress. With this month being mental health awareness month, we are stepping up to help fight the stigma surrounding mental health. The current pandemic environment including social distancing and remote learning does not help with these challenges, putting ourselves and our children further at risk. Taking an interest in your child’s mental health and education often means parent teacher conferences and late nights helping your child with homework. This can be difficult and stressful for a parent as well, adding more on to a plate that is already filled with work, household duties and everything else. However, showing your child you are interested in what struggles they are facing, might reveal deeper hardships they are experiencing and can be the first step in finding ways to help.

Significant hurdles

The world has changed drastically and the means by which success is achieved has changed as well. Many school systems have dedicated significant resources to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) with the future being heavily influenced by these fields. Some kids have a knack for learning certain subjects, appearing as though they coast through classes with ease. But for other children, learning a new skill or subject can be a significant hurdle. Seeing your child face difficulties in school can be painful and not knowing how to help or worrying that your child might fall behind can hurt even more. Giving your child the tools and skills to be successful in school at a young age can significantly impact their success later in life.

We all know that grades and report cards are not the end all be all for evaluating your child’s learning comprehension and retention. We all have faced difficulties with one subject or another, be it math or english or even science. Sometimes it might be the method of teaching while for others it could be the child’s inherent ability to understand the material in the way in which it is presented. Each child is remarkable and different and their route to success can be as well, keeping in mind there is more to a child than just failing a test or a class. Anxiety and stress can complicate a child’s learning abilities and their capacity to focus. Often times these mask other symptoms like learning disorders, ADHD and autism; making it drastically harder to recognize the deeper factors at work.

Autism and ADHD

When is it a good time to test your child for autism or ADHD? Every child develops at different intervals; however, see our list for some general milestones to consider.

How we can help

At Fair Winds Assessment and Counseling Center, it is our mission to provide the best mental healthcare possible for you and your family. Mental health issues can affect anyone. From individuals, couples and family counseling, we care for the family as a whole. With decades of experience within our community we have rigorously developed peer reviewed diagnostic assessment batteries. These series of tests can help generate an in-depth multi-step treatment plan to help you and your child start the healing process with a simple straight forward approach.  

Our team thoroughly vets and analyzes the materials we use. Each test instrument is carefully reviewed for evidence-based results and medically substantiated research. We will never use unproven questionable methods of testing or pseudoscientific techniques like brain mapping or brain scans. Our revolutionary approach focuses on examining the individual as a complete person, not just focusing on one single presenting issue. Examining each person to discover every aspect of their adversity and eliminating factors of common misdiagnoses, like anxiety and depression, is imperative to placing you and your child on the right track. We also provide social and emotional competence assessments to support teaching, learning, and emotional growth, while unlocking one’s true potential for success. 

We welcome you to check out our website and contact our office for more information. Start your child on the path to success today.

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