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Save $75 on Tutoring and Enrichment

Choosing the right tutoring option for your child can be a big decision. You want them to pass the test today, but still expand their minds for success in the future. You want them to make academic progress, but you don’t want to pile on the pressure. You want them to reach their full potential, but you’re far too busy to give them all the support they need at home. You want them to have fun during the summer, but you don’t want them to slip behind.  

That’s where Explore Horizons comes in. Their programs are made for parents who know that learning doesn’t start and end with the bell. The company offers the personalization of private tutoring in convenient neighborhood learning centers to help nurture fearless learners. Explore Horizons has over 15 years’ experience and has helped over 175,000 learners to grow and thrive in the U.K and in Texas.

“I've seen so much growth in my boys,” says one parent. “The people here are amazing! Look no further if you want to give your children the educational advantage.”   

Explore Horizons provides year-round, personalized enrichment and tutoring in math, reading and writing for children of abilities in pre-K through eighth grade. Their programs are designed to teach children to define problems, ask questions, hunt for answers, capture thoughts clearly, tackle tests fearlessly and exude confidence.

The company’s services are not just relegated to the school year — tutors partner with parents to make summer a time for academic growth rather than regression through a unique environment, flexible scheduling and interactive workshops.

Summer Enrichment That Doesn’t Break the Bank
If you’re interested in summer learning but can’t make it to the free summer workshops, schedule a free, in-person assessment to find out how Explore Horizons can develop the fearless learner in your child and help them hit the ground running for the new school year.  What’s more, registration is free for new members who sign up before June 15 (regularly $75).

What’s included in membership?

•    Up to two enrichment and tutoring sessions per week
•    Individualized learning plans for math, reading and writing
•    STAAR and test prep
•    Bi-monthly one-on-one parent progress meetings
•    Weekly session cards and parent feedback
•    Specialist math, reading and writing workshops during school breaks
•    Summer book club
•    Success in Elementary package, including handwriting
•    Middle and High School Prep packages, including homework help and one-to-one interventions
•    Specialized courses in writing technique, study skills and problem-solving math

To sign up, contact your nearest center or fill out a free in-person assessment form on the Explore Horizons website, and a staff member will call to schedule your assessment.

Explore Horizons
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Frisco, 469/398-1972
Garland, 469/398-1875
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