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Robbie Werner

In 2010, Robbie Werner was pregnant with her third child and birthing a new business. With the help of her husband Adam and partners/sister and brother-in-law Carrie and Bryan Stockton, Stir Crazy Baked Goods delivers custom baked goods to the likes of Avoca Coffee, Boopa’s Bagel Deli and The Bacon Wagon (bacon-topped cupcakes, anyone?). Now the mom of three – Asher, 19 months; Paige, 4; and Amaris, 9 – is cooking things up at a new storefront bakery in Fort Worth’s Near Southside neighborhood.

How did you get into baking?
My mom is a nurse, but she did wedding cakes for friends and family and coworkers. She was self-taught. She sort of passed the torch to me when I had a baby. It was never really intentional. I wanted to be the one to do the same for my kids. Every time we had a birthday party, there was never a store-bought cake.

Do your kids help in the kitchen?
We constantly have them in the kitchen. Ever since Asher was a baby we put him up on the counter and let him hold a carrot or put something in a bowl. Paige is my little domestic diva. She has her own drawer in the kitchen. She loves to make a pizza from start to finish. When Amaris was little, I remember letting her unwrap chocolates for a cake.

Why are local and organic ingredients so important to you?
Adam is a vegan. We used to play around with turning vegan recipes into something really tasty. Adam is a huge health nut. He keeps us in line. We wanted everything to be from scratch and all natural for our family. The bakery is an extension of our family, so we wanted to offer the same here. But if someone wants a blue cake for their child’s birthday party, I’ll do it because it’s special for them.

Enter The Bacon Wagon …
Even though we make vegan goods, we make a cupcake with bacon on top [for The Bacon Wagon food truck]. We also make a really good bacon-chocolate-chip cookie. I’m vegan until it comes to dessert. We make vegan things, but we also make traditional desserts. I would love for anybody to walk in and get something to eat, no matter their restriction or allergy.

Tell us about choosing Near Southside for the bakery’s location.
Magnolia is blooming. Downtown is thriving. There’s a gap between the two, but there’s so much going on here. Things are being revitalized, which is really important to people now. We’re in the old Sawyer Grocery building. I just love the history of the place. This is a natural extension of both of those worlds.

The bakery must be a tempting environment. Do you indulge?
Of the things I make, my very favorite thing is carrot cake. But my love is ice cream. If Adam and I ever have time to sit on the couch — just the two of us — I have a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food in my lap, and Adam’s over there with his coconut milk ice cream.

What do you and the kids like to do when you aren’t in the kitchen?
Two of our favorite places in Fort Worth are the Botanic Gardens and the Modern Art Museum. We love all of the art museums, but the Modern particularly. Their favorite thing is to go into the “Vortex” sculpture outside and make a lot of noise.

Is there time for date nights?
Sometimes we’ll turn a bakery event into an evening. We almost never have a sitter. My parents live on the same street that we do, so they come down to be with the kids. The last real date we had was for my birthday – we went to Ellerbe. That was in January. We love to go to Avoca Coffee when we have a free half-hour or so. We have a good cup of coffee and buy a piece of our own cake.

You’re in the kitchen a lot. Do you like every aspect of cooking?
Oh, I hate dishes. Dishes are the worst. Adam is our chef. He prepares dinner and makes the kids’ lunches, and I will clean up afterward. But if it’s all on me, I really don’t want to do the dishes.

Your family travels to Adam’s parents’ house in Tennessee a few times each year. How do you keep everyone happy in the car?
We’ll take turns sitting in the back with Amaris and read Harry Potter. Snack time is crucial for Asher. We have a DVD player, but we really only watch one movie a trip. For Paige, we play a lot of I Spy.

Has owning a business changed your parenting style?
We really have to go with the flow now. I used to be such a scheduler, but now with the hustle and bustle, it can’t be like that all of the time. It’s been an adjustment for everyone.