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Rhonda Sargent Chambers

OCCUPATION: Owner of RSC Show Productions and former model.

PERSONAL STATS: Rhonda considers herself a “naturalized Texan.” Her family moved to Dallas from San Francisco when she was in fourth grade, and during her school years, the energetic blonde was asked to model for a sailboat catalogue. Her modeling career took off from there. She went on to work internationally in runway shows, catalog modeling and more. But she knew she couldn’t model forever. After meeting her husband, Kit, who works in the bio-diesel industry, in Dallas, the duo married and started a family. The busy mom’s schedule harbors some flexibility since she owns her own fashion-show production business, but it’s the couple’s two boys, Callahan, 10, and Ford, 8, who now shape Rhonda’s daily routine.

CURRENT PROJECTS: Just like other working moms, the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is a familiar drill for Rhonda—except this model mom is now working on springtime projects, such as a show for the Elisa Project (to support healthy body images in young women) and Career Day for Fashion Group International. “Each show takes about eight to 12 months to prepare properly,” she explains. And if that weren’t quite enough, when she’s not working on shows, Rhonda serves as Highland Park’s Armstrong Elementary School PTA president.

THE MOTIVATION BEHIND LAUNCHING HER BUSINESS: “I loved the modeling business, but I knew the lifestyle wasn’t long-term. I wanted to keep working in the industry, though. I learned a lot while working on the job—all about the lighting, organization of the models, the show styling … It was a natural transition for me to begin organizing fashion events.”

MOST MEMORABLE MODELING MOMENT: “Modeling in Japan in my 20s on the runway. It was a different world—so fast-paced. The cool thing about modeling is that you’re always at a different location with a different crew. Regional modeling allowed me to do a little of everything—runway, catalogue, TV. [But] Runway shows are my favorite because they’re very interactive with the audience.” [She laughs] “I’m no longer modeling, per say, unless they need a token over-40 mom.”

WHAT SHE HOPES HER KIDS WILL LEARN FROM HER JOB: “Both my parents were very hard workers and I want my kids to emulate that. I want them to see that I like my job, even though it requires hard work. My kids are also learning what it means to volunteer and take care of other people. My older son gets to tag along and work at some of the shows, too.”

A TYPICAL SATURDAY IN YOUR HOUSE: “… Is filled with sports practices and games—a lot of shuttling and running to and from. Saturday night is our family night, when we cook together and watch movies.”

BIGGEST CHALLENGE OF MOTHERHOOD: “For my brain to slow down long enough for me to prioritize the things that need to get done—to put my kids on the front burner and the other nonpriorities on the back burner. It’s hard to keep focused on my kids and give them my undivided attention, which they deserve.”

HUSBAND’S BEST DADDY CHARACTERISTIC: “He is extremely patient and he’s very hands-on with the boys. He doesn’t hesitate to take control and help with the kids.”

YOUR PARENTING STYLE: “Organized fun, organized chaos. With boys, you really do have to maintain order and structure. I try to do that in a fun way. If they’re comfortable and happy, busy schedules are so much easier to maintain.”

STRATEGY TO STRIKING A WORK-LIFE BALANCE: “I put my family first and take it a day at a time. It’s important to me that the boys have me be ‘present’ as much as possible. I also try to have humor when it comes to life’s challenges.”