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Reunion Tower Observation Deck

GeO-Deck at Reunion Tower 
300 Reunion Blvd. East, Dallas
Hours: 10:30am–9pm Sunday–Thursday; 10:30am–10pm Friday–Saturday. The last elevator goes up 30 minutes before closing.
Admission: $16-$17 (plus tax) for adults; $8 for children ages 4–12; free for 3 and younger.
Parking: $6 for four hours and $13 for eight hours at the south parking lot at Reunion Boulevard and Sports Street. 

The microphone, golf ball, dandelion. No matter what your kids call the 560-foot downtown structure known for its colorful nighttime light shows, you can now let out a collective sigh of “Finally!” After a six-year hiatus, Dallas’ Reunion Tower is opening its observation deck to the public on Saturday, October 5, 2013 which means that your family can now experience the view from the inside of that golf ball.
The observation deck is not simply reopening but also debuting a new and improved interior, plus a new name. “GeO-Deck” is a combination of the observation deck and geodesic, the technical term for the tower’s spherical shape. The GeO-Deck boasts interactive features and a crisp, white ultramodern interior that makes the trip 50 stories up even more exhilarating.
Whether you’d rather peer from behind the glass or walk out onto the exterior deck to feel the wind in your hair, you’ll easily spot landmarks with the naked eye: the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, Fort Worth (on a clear day) 30 miles due west, and more on a slow walk around the entire loop. The panorama is unobstructed by the tower’s 259 custom LED lights. Visit after nightfall, and you’ll see the reflection of the dancing lights at eye level.
The deck really soars with its high-tech gadgets. Want to get a closer look at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science? Take a peek through the high-powered telescopes scattered around the exterior deck, or better yet, cue the “Halo.” The 52-foot-long display panel spans the perimeter of the GeO-Deck and, with a touch of your fingertips, uses cameras to zoom in on popular city sights.
A secure cable wire system makes the deck secure and safe for all ages, and for those who are edging toward dizzy, head inside and try staring at your feet. Really. The carpet itself is embedded with a street map of the city.
To get an ever-changing view, head a level above the observation deck to the newly renovated café run by celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck’s catering company, which also operates the ritzy Five Sixty restaurant on the top level. These two upper levels revolve, albeit slowly, at one complete turn per hour. No longer must you reserve a table for two to take the glass elevator ride up Reunion Tower. With just an admission ticket (plus a few ear pops), Dallas families and out-of-towners alike can once again enjoy this unique attraction.

Published October 2013