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Recycling Resources for the Everyday Family

reduce, reuse, recycle with these Texas resources

When it comes to recycling, every bit helps. According to Take Care of Texas, the average Texan throws away about six and a half pounds of trash per day. That’s only a little less than the weight of most newborn babies. Organizations, such as Take Care of Texas and Recycle Revolution, are working to responsibly recycle, and promote a greener lifestyle, across the Lone Star State. In addition to these two organizations, we’ve rounded up a few other local recycling resources that will help sprout your green thumb.

Green Dallas // Dallas

Need a fast, comprehensible recycling list? Green Dallas, a City of Dallas organization, outlines exactly what can and cannot be recycled in your trusty big, blue bin. Traditional recycling—such as plastic, glass and paper products—may be placed in your weekly recycling roundup. But ever wondered what to do with those pesky dead batteries from years past? The site also includes electronics, plastic bag and hazardous materials recycling, as well as yard waste guidelines for the city. Feeling extra eco-friendly? Green Dallas is currently pushing their Litter Free Dallas initiative, where you and your family can volunteer to clean up and report illegal littering across Dallas.

Recycle Revolution // North Texas

Embrace the scrap-life with Recycle Revolution, an independent, non-landfill recycling and compost collection service and Community Drop-Off Center in Dallas. This “one-stop shop” recycling business offers North Texans a responsible alternative to landfilling. By diverting materials including food waste, Styrofoam, glass, electronics, Recycle Revolution is top-notch for local businesses and Fortune 500 companies looking to reduce their waste. Although their main reach is business-heavy, most of Dallas-Fort Worth’s Community Drop-Off Centers operate through the company. These centers welcome residents from across the state to drop off their traditional and hard-to-recycle materials (also known as “HaRM”). Recycle Revolution prides themselves on the welcoming environment their centers create. The centers are places where everyday folks can meet up and discuss things like composting, sustainability and other issues they’ve dealt with on their recycling journey. Can’t make it out to their center? They also offer One-Time Pick-Up options for both businesses and residents.

Time to Recycle // North Texas

This online resource is incredibly helpful for those who are looking for places to recycle. It’s easy-to-use platform educates you on where you can recycle, what you can recycle, all things compost and more. You can even input a mile radius to ensure you find an option close enough to your home or workplace. Finally, it has some great resources on creative ways to reduce waste, as well as information on e-recycling (recycling those no-longer-needed smart watches, phones and other electronics).

Recycle Nation // Online

Trying to find a way to recycle super specific items (we’re talking diaper bags, headphones, mattresses)? Recycle Nation has you covered with their simple website that helps you locate your recycling options for items your family no longer uses. Their “Search. Find. Recycle.” motto is incredibly easy. Type in what you’re looking to recycle, along with your zip code, and Recycle Nation does the rest. They provide you information on the closest recycling locations as well as the locations specifics—the organizations phone number, hours and address—to take the stress out of recycling.

Sanitation Services // Dallas

Looking to dive head first into waste reduction? We suggest composting. After all, composting is nature’s way of recycling. At least 30% of what goes into the City of Dallas landfill is compostable kitchen and yard waste. Not only is composting a useful way to help reduce waste, it reduces your need to buy expensive fertilizers for your personal garden. Starting a family compost is also a fun activity for the kiddos—they get to see items like banana peels and newspapers disappear over time. For an extensive list on what can be composted, visit the City of Dallas Sanitation Services website, where they layout common household items your family can compost.

Take Care of Texas  // Online

Texas is a big, beautiful state and Take Care of Texas urges Texas residents to work together and protect the environment. This site lays out lifestyle choices you can make at home, outside, in your child’s school and in your community to take care of Texas everyday. From recycling statistics to new composting piles, everything your family needs to help keep Texas clean is on their page.

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