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Real Kids Casting Call FAQ

Q: What ages is the Real Kids Casting Call for?
A: We accept children age 0-12 years.

Q: Does my child need to live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to be considered?
A: Yes, for DFWChild and the our partnering modeling agencies. DFWChild will be selecting children for their covers from the Collin, Dallas, Denton, Johnson, Parker, and Tarrant County areas.

Q: Why is there an entry fee?
A: Unlike a modeling agency, we do not make any money from the cover kids chosen; we charge an entry fee to help cover the cost of hosting the Real Kids Casting Call. However, we do support ilooklikelove.org, a local organization that gives back to our community, in conjunction to the event.

Q: My child has been on a past DFWChild cover. Is he/she still eligible?
A: Yes! Previous cover kids are encouraged to participate. Children are constantly growing and changing, and may look different year to year.

Q: What do I need to know about the photo I submit for entry?
A: The photo preference is 8″x10″ @ 170-dpi or 1.5MB JPG with HDR setting.  Please submit a photo with a solid color background.

Q: When will you choose the cover models and those selected for Kim Dawson, Wallflower Management, and the Grogan Management Agency?
A: Children for the DFWChild covers and the agencies will be selected throughout the year.

Q: How will I know if my child is selected?
A: You will be notified via the email address, or phone number, you provided during registration, if your child is selected for an opportunity.

Q: Will I be contacted if my child is not chosen?
A: No. Due to the number of applicants, and nature of our year-round selections, you will not be contacted by DFWChild or any of the agencies if your child is not selected.

Q: What are the chances of my child being chosen as an agency model?
A: Very good!  We have partnered with these three different agencies because they look for different attributes.  Each agency has a range of clients who needs kids of different ages and looks.  As opportunities come up, agencies will visit the Real Kids Casting Call entries and will connect with the parents if the child is a fit.

Q: What happens after the event? Will you post the winners on your website?
A: We select our cover kids as each publication and corresponding cover shoot occur. If your child is selected, we will contact you to schedule a time for the cover shoot. We do not post the winners in advance. If one of the agencies is interested in further pursuing your child, they will contact you. Please do not contact DFWChild or the agency directly. If we are interested in your child, we will contact you.

Q: What if I never receive or lose my child’s complimentary souvenir photo from the day of the event?
A: You have 120 days from the day of the event to request a replacement photo. Beyond 120 days, we will not be able to send replacements.

Q: Still have a question you can’t find the answer to?
A: We’ve got answers! Please email us at realkids@dfwchild.com. Due to the number of applicants, please, no phone calls. Emails will be returned within 48 hours. Refunds are not permitted.