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Ready to go to CAMP?

jump in to Dallas' new interactive family store

Do you remember summer camp? It was a fun-filled time of discovery, freedom and bug spray—a place where you felt a bit of independence for the first time. Well, get ready for a dose of that nostalgic feeling because you and your family can go to CAMP together right here in Dallas. Sort of.

CAMP, an interactive, family experience store based in New York City will be opening its doors in Dallas this October. We spoke with one of the CAMP team members about what to expect when CAMP takes root. “We noticed there really isn’t a space where the whole family can enjoy a shopping trip, so we wanted to create something new that brings products and play together,” says Tiffany Markofsky, CAMP’s chief marketing officer. “At CAMP, we want kids to have fun while the parents can also look back and feel that same sense of discovery they felt as a kid themselves.”

We know shopping with the kids can sometimes be a struggle, so having an option to go somewhere that includes opportunities for fun sounds like a welcome change of pace. At CAMP, there are two parts of the experience that we’re sure you’ll be eager to try. First, you and your kiddos will walk into the Canteen, which is a general store of sorts. (Think candles, food, even an old school soda shop.) Inside, your kids will have to find the magic door that takes them to the second part: the lion share of the complex, which is a themed experience with a storyline, play areas, merchandise and programs—it’s like a speakeasy but for the whole family.

Each location has programs that are picked specifically for the community, such as crafts, concerts, readings and even magicians. As if that’s not enough fun, follow your kiddos to the activity area where they can jump on the trampoline, slip down the slide and dance their heart out at the disco.

Although this experience is mainly for the kiddos, it’s really a place where the whole family can have fun and parents have the opportunity to feel like a kid again by joining in. (Yes, you too can jump on the trampoline.)

Stay up to date on when CAMP will make its Dallas debut at camp.com.

Images courtesy of CAMP.