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DFWChild Real Kids Casting Call 2021

Introducing the DFWChild Real Kids Casting Call TOP 100!

We had so many incredible kids in this year’s casting call that we actually ended up with 120 for our Top 100!  Thank you to everyone who shared your child with us.  And thank you to our sponsor, Smile Doctors!

The 2021 DFWChild Magazine cover models will come from the Top 100 kids and will be chosen for the covers throughout the year.  The Top 100 Kids are not guaranteed a cover but will be in the pool for the next round of selections.

All of the agencies that we have partnered with – the Kim Dawson Agency, Wallflower Agency, and Grogan Management, are independently vetting ALL of the Real Kids Casting Call entries.  The agencies will review all photos and reach out to parents throughout the year as they need new faces.  No need to reach out to us or the agencies, we’ll be in touch with you as needed.  Real Kids Casting Call 2022 will open in August 2021!


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Real Kids Casting Call Top 100 Kids 2021