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Possum Playground Park in Flower Mound

A (23 points/24 points)

+ Two colorful, age-appropriate and recently renovated playscapes
+ Jungle gym/swing set
+ Within walking distance

Tarp under mulch was torn
Small – no drinking fountain, basketball court or dedicated parking lot

After picking up my girls from day care, they were pleased I’d taken a detour before heading home. As soon as we parked at Flower Mound’s Possum Playground, they ran to each of their respective age-appropriate playscapes. Possum Playground is small, but the two (and evidently updated) playscapes make up for the size. Our toddler enjoyed banging on the drums and turning the wheel that housed balls on the smaller playscape and then ventured to the bigger one, joining her sister. There were multiple slides, rock-climbing structures and an updated version of this generation’s jungle gym. I felt at ease watching the girls play – there was plenty of mulch keeping them safe from falls and scrapes, and they had enough energy to resist going home before trying out and taking turns pushing one another on the swing set.

This playground was very convenient for the kids who live near Donald Elementary. It’s evident this playground is used often.

Grade based on the National Program for Playground Safety’s Report Card at playgroundsafety.org

This review was distributed to the City of Flower Mound’s Parks and Recreation for further review and/or action.