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Point North Park in Richardson

Location: 725 Synergy Park Blvd., Richardson. The playground is located at the corner of Synergy Park Boulevard and Point North Parkway, across the street from the University of Texas at Dallas.
What makes it noteworthy: Kids of different ages play on separate play sets. There’s one with four regular swings and one outfitted with swings for babies. The playground for bigger kids has one twisty and one straight slide, swinging bars you hold onto, a climbing ladder and a pretend steering wheel. The play set for tots has two slides, a tic-tac-toe set, two climbing ladders, monkey bars and three pretend steering wheels.
Extras: There’s also a soccer field, baseball field, running trail and covered gazebo. Handicap restrooms for men and women are also available.
Safety: This playground received a B* on the Playground Safety Report Card. There are no rules posted for expected behavior. Some of the equipment is more than eight feet tall, and the exterior of the play set looks like it would be easy to climb on, which could be dangerous if kids fall. In addition, there is rust on the chains of the swings.

+Eight swings
+Clean and shaded
-Some rust on swings
-No rules posted
Overall grade: 3/5 stars