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Pleasant Oaks Park in Dallas

Overall Grade: A (23 points/ 24 points)

Lots of trees
+ Climbing net
– No rules posted regarding expected behavior

Spend a whole day at Pleasant Oaks, a park and recreation center complete with playground equipment, tennis courts, fields and a swimming pool. If you can drag your kids away from the pool, gain respite from the summer sun in the playground area. Flanked by trees, the playground is sure to be a winner with both parents and kids. There are all of the typical playground amusements such as swings and slides, but kids will likely gravitate to the climbing net, which provides this park with a little something extra. There are separate playground areas for kids big and small; both play structures scored an A* on the Safety Report Card for safe designs.

*Based on the National Program for Playground Safety’s Report Card at playgroundsafety.org
This review was distributed to the City of Dallas Parks and Recreation for further review and/or action.