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Playground Review: Rose Haggar Park

what makes this Dallas park stand out?

Location: 18100 Campbell Road, right next to Rose Haggar Elementary School. There is a dedicated parking lot that can hold only a handful of cars. (To exit, you must go through the elementary school’s lot.) 

Best for: Toddlers and older kiddos to build their strength. There is no shortage of climbing areas at this park, and the structure itself has futuristic, geometric obstacles, which can be a fun change of pace from other playgrounds. From ropes to metal to plastic climbing structures, this playground is very interactive and meant to be played on all over. There are also two regular and two baby swings, a tennis court, kickball field, basketball court, and grassy areaThere’s also a NEOS Ring with games such as duck, duck, goose and tetherball, but the system wasn’t working when we checked the park out. 

For your convenience: Find a shaded pavilion with picnic tables and two grills nearby to keep you cool. Reservations can be made for the pavilion. Kids can keep quenched at the water fountain next to the park while they run around. Mom, there’s one shaded bench under a tree near the front of the park. (All the other benches are not shaded.) 

Safety: The road adjacent to the park is used for residential neighborhood access, so it can be slightly busy at times. There is a little bit of green between the park and the road, but stay vigilant.  

Overall grade: 4/5  

Shaded pavilion
+ Water fountain nearby
+ Safe area next to a school 

– No restrooms
– No shade on the structures
– Wood-chip surface 

Images courtesy of Elizabeth Quinn.