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Playground Review: Peter Pan Park in Dallas

Kiddos will enjoy roaming through the miniature blue train and gliding down those slippery slides


3802 Echo Brook Lane. Find street parking along Echo Brook Lane and Peter Pan Drive.

Best for

A Sunday morning outing with the kiddos. Your littles can imagine playing with Thomas and friends at the park’s mini three-car train or make their way straight to the playground, equipped with tubes to crawl through, a spiral-shaped pole for climbing and swirly slides to speed down. The residential park is spacious enough (9.9 acres to be exact) for a game of soccer, Frisbee or baseball after your kiddos get finished running through the playground.

For your convenience

Benches and a picnic table surround the play area, ideal for parking strollers and diaper bags and keeping an eye on your kids.


The park is located at the end of a quiet, residential street. Beware of the woodchip surface that may get into your littles’ shoes. The playground’s bridge is also a source of caution––keep an eye out to make sure your kids don’t fall through the open-spaced handlebars.