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Playground Review: Lake Highlands Park in Dallas

LOCATION: 9500 E. Lake Highlands Drive, located across from Dallas Academy near the intersection of Buckner Boulevard and E. Lake Highlands Drive. Parking available on surrounding streets.

BEST FOR: Boundless fun for kids with boundless energy to match. Stretching across 36.8 acres, the park has enough room for children to run free—thanks to open green spaces, sports fields and age-appropriate play structures.

FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE: Parents congregate at the large cement circle in the middle of the playgrounds to watch their kids, but lack of nearby benches means you can’t sit back and relax. And be sure to bring some sunscreen as this community park offers little shade across those wide, open spaces. On-site amenities include portable restrooms by each parking lot and water fountains (for kids and for dogs) near the playgrounds.

SAFETY: Age-specific play areas help to ensure your littles’ safety. The Weevos playground is recommended for 2- to 5-year-olds, while bigger kids age 5 and up can enjoy the Evos playground. Both structures feature mulch wood chips, which could cause a few scrapes if your kiddo takes a tumble. Buckner Boulevard is relatively busy but it’s only adjacent to the playing fields. All the equipment is well-maintained.

+ Spacious area for kids to run around
+ Separate play areas for younger and older kids
+ Two parking lots
+ Water fountains for kids and dogs
+ Portable restrooms

– Near a busy street
– No benches surrounding the playground area
– Little to no shade
– Wood-chip surface might cause splinters and scratches

OVERALL GRADE: 3.5/5 slides