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Playground Review: J.C. Grant Park in Frisco

it may be small, but this Frisco park has a variety of play features

Location: 8220 Wade Blvd., Frisco. Since this is a neighborhood park, there isn’t a perfect way to access it. We recommend going to Otis Spears Elementary School (8500 Wade Blvd.) and parking in the school lot—there’ll be a little bit of a walk to get to the playground.

Best for: The kid who wants to do everything. Kids can take refuge under the shaded wagon that looks as if it’s being pulled by a stone horse. There are two baby and two regular swings as well as a tire swing, and for the climber, there are multiple climbing walls to build strong muscles. If the kids get bored of the playground, take a walk or a bike ride on the paved trails that wind through the park, and there’s plenty of grass for Frisbee or football.

For your convenience: No need to sweat as much as the kids—there’s a large shaded pavilion with picnic tables and a great view of the playground. Next to the pavilion is a grill for a day of fun.

Safety: The playground is well maintained and pretty clean.

Overall grade: 4/5 swings


+ Variety of play and climbing features
+ Shaded seated under the pavilion
+ Trash can and recycling bin
+ Water fountain on the trail


– Mulch surface can lead to scrapes
– Only seating is under the pavilion
– No bathroom nearby
– Only one play structure for all ages

Image courtesy of Elizabeth Quinn.