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Playground Review: Green Park in Allen

A look at Collin County's Green Park, a first responder-themed playground inspired by the neighboring Allen Fire Station.

Location: 1305 Comanche Drive, behind the City of Allen Fire Station #4. Find street parking along Anns Way.

Best for: Safety-minded kids of all ages. This neighborhood playground takes inspiration from the nearby fire station for its first responder theme, which gives kids the choice to play pretend firefighter, police officer or emergency medic. (Additional safety measures include separate play areas for toddlers and bigger kids.) Tiny tots ages 2- to 5-years-old will enjoy the blue police station-themed play structure, outfitted with plenty of slides and even a pint-size cop car. The shaded play structure for 5- to 12-year-olds is modeled to look like a red fire station, and features play equipment like slides, climbing tower and (yes, of course) sliding pole.

For your convenience: Benches surround the play structures, with one located in the center of the park. A shaded area with picnic tables is located near Anns Way, perfect for snack time.

Safety: The park is located between residential street Anns Way and a school zone on Comanche Drive. We advise that your kiddos wear closed-toe shoes, as the wood-chipped surface may be uncomfortable for their little toes.

Overall grade: 4/5