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Playground Review: Coffee Park in City of University Park

Location: 3400 Northwest Parkway in University Park, the park is on Northwest Parkway near Hillcrest Avenue. Find parallel street parking along Villanova Street and additional parking on Turtle Creek Boulevard.

Best for: Kids of all ages. The large playground for ages 5–12 is equipped with rock climbing structures, spinning handlebars, slippery slides and plastic gray boulders for your mini adventurer. The side for ages 2-5 features a petite slide and gray boulder, where their imaginations may take them to the top of Mount Everest. Taller slides, an open mountainous-like structure (perfect for running through) and those spinning handlebars occupy the area for ages 5-12. Swings for all ages are behind the play structure. Bring a soccer ball or baseball and bat, as the dedicated sports fields to the left of the park is ideal for a game.

For your convenience: Trees and covered play structures provide shade from the sun, plus there are shaded seating options. Benches and picnic tables surround the park.

Safety: The surface of the park is solid rubber. There are no barriers around the park; keep an eye out to make sure your kids don’t make their way too far out on Villanova Street.

Overall grade: 5/5