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Peek Into a Dallas Mom's Serene Scene

Cool. Calm. Collected. It’s not the typical ambiance of a dwelling that’s home to a curious 17-month-old girl, yet first-time mom and interior designer Emily Miller pulls it off with surprising charm. After settling into the historic Hollywood Heights home (circa 1929) three years ago, Miller and her husband began a full renovation — that wrapped-up just in time for the birth of their daughter, Vaughn.

The home’s post-construction façade reflects its 20s-era integrity, but not without hinting to its inhabitants’ fresh and modern style. Upon first entering the Millers’ abode, visitors are greeted with an overwhelming sense of serenity (effortlessly established by the lack of clutter).

From the home’s striking hardwood flooring, to the Stacy Hyde-bedecked formal living room — not to mention the cutting-edge kitchen that Miller says “is not for display; it gets used every weeknight” — it’s easy to spot Miller’s relaxed (yet high-style) personality.

When she’s not working behind-the-scenes decorating the homes of the Dallas elite (or adding edge to her own home’s interior), the Dallas mom hides out in her fashionably casual master bedroom. Deeming it her “sanctuary,” Miller describes the couple’s room as an “intimate, oasis-like retreat … It’s luxury in fabric. Everything is soft to touch, and it’s clean and simplistic. It’s a room in which you can just turn your brain off.”

The cool palette of colors — muted aquamarine, white, black and a spark of silver that’s evident in mirrored console tables — paints a placid picture, yet not without raising a few eyebrows (with zebra-print pillows).

During the home’s renovation, the master suite’s sitting room was shut off from the bedroom behind a wall and a set of glass French doors. This room is now conveniently home to baby Vaughn in the form of coolly colored nursery. “This is the most kid-friendly aspect of our home,” Miller explains. “It’s so accessible to have her close-by, especially during the late hours of the night.”

Also stemming off of the master bedroom is the couples’ shared bathroom. “Here I was really able to exercise my love for the crisp contrast of black and white,” says the design-minded mom. The white limestone flooring is edged with black granite, setting the stage for a heavy-glass shower and retro-modern sinks. “I love the minimalist-look of the sinks, yet they don’t offer a lot of storage (which is something some people bring up). But to me that just means less clutter,” she explains, “… the less clutter the better!”

Entering the more “public” rooms of the Millers’ one-story home, it’s hard to resist sitting down and relaxing in the formal living room that’s positioned at the front of the home. Here, tailored furniture encircles a fireplace that’s topped with a sunburst-style mirror. “We wanted it to look formal and polished, yet still be inviting to guests,” Miller adds. (Mission accomplished.)