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Our Favorite #MomTruths from October      

guard your ice cream...

“Pre-pandemic, my kids and I headed out to a playdate at a playground far from home. I assumed my 6-year-old daughter had shoes on when she jumped in the car. When we arrived, I saw she didn’t! Thankfully, there was a Kroger nearby.” Michelle, Dallas

“My 2-year-old loves ice cream. I thought I could give him a Popsicle and say it was ice cream—but when I handed him the popsicle, he examined it a whole minute and handed it back, saying, ‘No, Momma, ice cream!’” Letricia, Arlington

“My son says, ‘Mom, I was born in a “0” year, so I’m 10 years younger than the year it is now.’ I told him I was born in a 0 year too. His response: ‘Like 1920?’” Rebecca, Argyle

“While we were swimming, a bee landed on my daughter. She loves swimming and loves to be thrown in the air and dunked underwater. So, I picked her up and threw her in the water to get it off.” Sabrina, Lantana

“I ordered a scoop of vanilla ice cream in a cup for my son and a strawberry scoop in a cone for me. I gave him his cup—he looked at it and then looked at my cone. Before I knew it, he grabbed my cone and started eating it, while looking at me and saying ‘Mmmm.’” Courtney, Richardson

“I put together a scavenger hunt for my 6-year-old. One task was to find something squishy and take a photo. He looked at my upper arm, squeezed it and snapped a picture. Maybe I need to lift weights.” Alexis, North Richland Hills

Illustration courtesy of Mary Dunn.