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Our Favorite #MomTruths from November

Thanksgiving shopping gone awry, sippy cup explosions––need we say more?

“I once sent my kid to school dressed up for character day a week early.” Chrissy, Denton 

“We tried a new sippy cup with a suction top. The top wouldn’t stay, and in my attempt to fix it, the top burst offexploding milk in my son’s face.” ––Audrey, Fort Worth 

“My husband put our 6-month-old son to bed. He woke up in the middle of the night crying; he and the bed were soaking wet. My husband forgot to put a diaper on him before putting his pajamas on!” ––Ashley, Dallas 

The first time I took my new baby to my sister’s house to babysit, I was overprepared with multiple outfits, toys and blankets. I even had several bottles made … that I left at home. All that prep and no food! ––Kishia, Fort Worth 

While we were doing our Thanksgiving shopping, my 5-year-old granddaughter, who was eating Jelly Bellys, said very loudly, ‘This one tastes like beer!’ I immediately asked, ‘How on earth do you know what beer tastes like!?’ She said, ‘I meant root beer!’” ––Leigh, Arlington   

I slept late Thanksgiving night and was half asleep the next morning when I woke up. I put two different socks on my 11-month-old son without realizing, only to be told by the day care provider that my son threw the ‘oddly designed’ sock somewhere and she couldn’t find it. Now hes got only one sock of that design.” ––Arpita, Plano 

Image courtesy of Mary Dunn.