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Father and daughter watching kids shows and movies

Our Favorite Kid Shows & Movies to Stream

make the most of screen time with these suggestions

Since social distancing is still a thing, many of our kiddos are getting a little extra screen time these days. But if they’ve already streamed their usual picks, you may be looking for something else to keep them occupied. Here are some of our favorites currently available on some popular streaming platforms.

Editor’s Note: We recommend checking Common Sense Media in case you want to be sure of appropriate content.


Justin Time and Justin Time Go! The title character and his make-believe friends go on adventures across time and around the world—and they learn something that helps Justin with a problem in the real world. // Animated series

Puffin Rock. This Irish production focuses on a family of puffins and their animal friends. // Animated series

Turbo. Ryan Reynolds voices a snail who feels the need for speed. // Animated movie

If I Were an Animal. Lots of awww animal moments for your tots. // Non-animated series

The ImBESTigators. These Australian child sleuths solve a never-ending stream of mysteries. // Non-animated series

Stuart Little. This one came out before today’s kiddos were born, but it’s worth introducing it to them. // CGI animated/live action movie

Little Baby Bum. Darling songs and images for your littlest kiddos. // Animated series

Spirit. Tales of horses, adventure and friendship on the frontier. //  Animated series

You vs. Wild. This one comes with a warning: Bear Grylls can be …. well, gross. This is an interactive series where you can help the famed adventurer complete a mission. (We recommend it for older kids with strong stomachs.) // Non-animated series

Amazon Prime Video

Dino Dan, Dino Dana and Trek’s Adventures. Great for dinosaur lovers. // CGI animated/live action series

Odd Squad. More child investigators, this time solving decidedly odd mysteries. // Non-animated series and movies

Fireman Sam. Little ones will enjoy adventures and rescues in the town of Pontypandy. // Animated series and movies

How to Train Your Dragon. A young Viking befriends a dragon. (Some elements might be a bit scary for your younger kids.) // Animated movie

Babies: A Miracle. If your little one really enjoys babies, this will entertain them for a while. // Documentary

The Adventures of Tintin. This Spielberg flick is geared toward tweens. Based on a comic book series, the film tells of the adventures of a teen and his dog. Explosions, pirates and treasure all included. // Animated movie

Wonder Park. Jane, a STEM-minded kiddo, has to save the theme park born of her imagination.  // Animated movie


Mark Rober. This former NASA engineer uses his smarts to build a humongous Nerf gun, bounce a car off a trampoline, build an American Ninja Warrior course for squirrels and more. // Non-animated episodes

The Izzys. A family from Austin plays video games, builds fantastic tracks and crafts, and plays together in a way that will leave you wondering where Mom and Dad get all that energy. // Non-animated episodes as well as video game play

Nat Geo. In addition to longer documentary features, Nat Geo Wild has short clips that teach you and your kiddos amazing things about the animal world. Just be careful to not click on videos of, say, cheetahs hunting zebras—unless you’re ready to teach little children about the grim realities of the circle of life. Nat Geo Kids is a safer bet for younger ones. // Non-animated episodes

Coyote Peterson’s Brave Wilderness. Another option for wildlife lovers. Coyote Peterson does some crazy things, but kids are sure to be entertained. // Non-animated episodes

Smart Girls. Get your girl power on with this channel from Amy Poehler. Civics, modern manners, science lessons and more videos focused on empowering your daughters. // Non-animated episodes

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