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Our 8 Favorite Office Products

these will get your office in shipshape

As many of us are still working from home, finding ways to make your home office (or space you call your office) efficient and focus-friendly might be a little tricky—especially if your kids happen to be home all day too.

So if you need a little inspiration, check out our favorite items to keep our space organized and our minds sane.

Command Hooks
I know, it seems overly simplistic, but using hooks around your office can truly be a lifesaver. Have a ton of cords hanging everywhere? Use hooks to keep them in one place or hidden behind your desk. Do you use your scissors a lot? Keep them on a hook where you can reach them easily.

Clear Drawer Organizer
These clear organizers have endless possibilities.

Label Maker
Again, this may seem fairly obvious, but having things labeled makes everything so much easier to find. Need to unplug something specific from the million of cords coming from your desk? Label them! Use a lot of batteries, but not sure which ones are new and which are used? Label them! You get the picture.

Desk Pad
If you’re like me, a regular mouse pad is usually not big enough. Enter the desk pad: an easy-to-clean, waterproof protector that can be used to both protect your desk from scratches, spills and stains as well as a pad that your mouse can easily move all over. Game changer.

Monitor/Desktop Riser
Create more room for your office items with this riser that allows your desktop or laptop to sit up higher with storage available below. Suddenly, there’s enough space for your phone, tablet, cables, the works. Plus, having your screen higher at eye level will relieve your eye strain, back and/or neck pain and allow you to focus better on your work.

USB 4-Port Desk Charger
One spot, four spots to charge your devices. And it connects to your desk! Gotta love it.

Pen Organizer
If you’re someone who color codes your notes or you’re a teacher who needs that red pen, this is just for you.