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How Old Lake Highlands Mom Danielle Calhoon, Owner of The Oily Bloomers, Spends Her Tuesday

The mother of one spreads wellness through her business.

Danielle Calhoon, owner of The Oily Bloomers, enjoys a good meal or park date with her son Luke, 2, husband, Brian, and chocolate lab, Gracie. The family lives in Old Lake Highlands. 

5:30AM My morning starts really early with a dog ready to use the bathroom and eat breakfast. Even though it is hard some days, this is my time to start the coffee, do some journaling, read and have quiet time to myself before I hear a child needing me.

7AM I turn on the TV and begin watching NBC’s Today show. I get a few minutes in before I hear a child ready to come out of his room. Once I get him from the crib and change his diaper, he is ready to have Cars 3 on the TV. This has only been a recent request as he never watched movies before. But once he saw it, he was hooked!

7:30AM Even though we have plenty of time to get ready for school, the minutes go by quickly. I first get the water boiling to make oatmeal and scramble up a few eggs. It is amazing to me how much Luke’s small body can eat. I let him eat while I start gathering the things we need for school.

8AM My morning routine needs to be quick because once little guy is done with breakfast, I need to be ready to get him out of the high chair. Since it is another chilly day in Dallas, I’m going with pants and a long-sleeved shirt. Ideally, I think it will only take about 10 minutes to get everything done. And then 40 minutes later, I’m working on getting out the door.

9AM After preschool drop-off, I am getting some time to myself. This “me” time is much needed! Having that time away really allows me to re-energize and focus on things that are important to me. I am spending time at the house getting things picked up and running the Dyson vacuum—trying to pull up the endless dog hair from a chocolate Lab.

2PM “Me” time is done for now. It is time to pick up Luke from preschool and time for the afternoon. His teacher tells me that he was making her laugh again today, and his favorite part was playing in the big room while they did parachutes. On his “report” for the day, the words “happy and chatty” are always circled! I love knowing that he is happy at school while I am away.

2:30PM Time to play again. During the colder months, we are going to the Perot Museum’s Children Museum, Play Street Museum or staying warm inside. I think today we will go to the Perot Museum with our friends. The children’s area is so much fun to let the boys run around. It has sections where you can play with a water feature, go “grocery shopping” or go up in the playground area styled after the Dallas skyline.

5PM Brian is done with work for the day and able to spend time with little guy. Today, we have decided it’s a good night for Chuy’s. Mom and Dad get the oven-roasted chicken burrito with queso on top, and lately, little guy wants to snack on the refried beans and rice. Oh, and lots of chips and salsa. He likes to take ownership of his chips and have his “own” bowl for dipping sauce.

6:30PM I am getting the little guy ready for bed, which includes a bath where he loves to turn the water on and off. (Sorry about the water bill, sweetie!) Once that is over, we are brushing our teeth and reading a rotating collection of children’s books. Right now, we read a lot of Little Blue Truck, Inside Noah’s Ark and Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What Do You See?

7PM Once he starts rubbing his eyes, I know it’s time for bed. He needs that rest after a long day. Baby is asleep, and now Mom and Dad have time with one another. While I was putting Luke to sleep, Brian drove over to Andy’s to get us our frozen concretes. Peanut butter and Oreo for him, mint chocolate-chip for me. We love our sweets. We spend time together watching our regular shows. Depending on the season, it rotates between This Is Us, Shark Tank or The Bachelor. We also just need time to talk to each other as the day goes by so fast. It’s easy for me to be in “mom” mode all day, be exhausted and forget to give my husband that attention as well.

9PM Because I get up early in the morning, I try to get ready for bed at this time and get comfortable in my pajamas. I am doing another Instagram post sharing oils, children’s ideas or something that’s happening in our life. Tonight I’m going to share on my oils account (@theoilybloomers) my nightly routine: taking a quick shower just to rinse off and spraying the bed with my “sleep” spray (a mix of lavender oil and water) to make it relaxing. I also use two Young Living Oils every night to help me fall asleep, so my mind isn’t wandering and can get its rest, too.

10:30PM Ideally, I wanted to be asleep by 10pm, but sometimes I get caught up with what is going on in the social media world or reading a book. I scroll the phone for another minute seeing what my friends have been doing, but I can barely keep my eyes open. Time to rest for another busy day.