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November’s Funny and Sweet #MomTruths

note to moms: have you made sure that back-up onesie actually fits?

Laugh and smile along with these #MomTruths, aka parenting moments—from a diaper disaster to a successful pandemic movie night.

“I finally experienced the dreaded diaper blowout a few days ago. I was prepared with diapers, wipes and an old onesie—only to realize the onesie was far too small for my growing boy. So my son ended up wearing my workout tank with no pants into Target that day. Talk about embarrassing!” Alera, Arlington

“Early in quarantine, my husband and I got crafty and set up the living room as a movie theater for family movie night. We even sent the boys upstairs while we prepared our ‘big surprise.’ We played movie soundtracks and made themed snacks and tickets. Our boys still talk about that night and how much fun it was!” Lauren, Dallas

“I’ve always taught my daughter, who’s now 8, that we can’t be lazy when it comes to standing up for issues we feel strongly about. She saw protests on TV and stood on the sofa shouting at the people that she stands with them. I told her, ‘We’re in a pandemic; you can protest from our sofa!’” Jennifer, Prosper

“My son noticed I always respond with a loud ‘What?’ every time he yells for me. So he started coming up to me and saying, ‘Hello, my lovely heart…’ and asking for whatever he wanted. Worked every time until I realized what he was up to.” Angela, Las Colinas

“My first grader had a simple explanation for why he prefers in-person school (with a teacher) to virtual school (with Mom overseeing his learning). ‘School from home is harder because you’re so much meaner,’ he said matter-of-factly. Thanks for the clarification, kiddo.” Alexis, Bedford

“I came out of my office from helping my son with virtual schooling to find my 4-year-old making a birthday cake for her yet-to-be-born baby cousin, due in December. I told her it’s not his birthday, and she said, ‘Well then, tomorrow.’” Toni, Arlington

Illustration courtesy of Mary Dunn.