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Real Mom New Year’s Resolutions According to Our Readers & Editors

How North Texas moms are planning to parent in 2019

Ah, the promise of New Year’s resolutions. The start of a new year is an opportunity for us to create new goals, resolve to change old habits and prepare to take on another 365 days of adventure. But add baby into the mix and all your shining resolutions could be gone by the time the ball drops at midnight. We asked real moms around the DFWChild office and across the Dallas-Fort Worth area to tell us their resolutions for 2019. Read on for mom-approved realistic resolutions, and tell us your 2019 goals on social media!

“I just have one simple thing: to get my child to sleep in her own bed. This is our year, I can feel it!”—Candace, DFWChild audience development director

“My New Year’s resolution is to limit overextending myself and embrace the power of saying ‘No, I can’t do it.’ My other resolution is about self-improvement. I want to increase self-awareness of my flaws, triggers and all things that make me happy. Being a mom is a tough job, and we tend to do everything ‘for the sake of the kids.’ I’m re-exploring who I was before having children.”—Natasha, Red Oak

“My personal resolution was to delete Candy Crush from my phone. It has helped me unwind but it’s a bad example and takes time away from the kids.”—Diana, DFWChild associate publisher  

“My mom resolutions for 2019 are to be more patient, to be more in the moment with my tinies and to promote healthier eating in my household.”—Andrea, Little Elm

“In 2019, my son and I plan on doing more crafts and learning more numbers.”—Papatia, Dallas

“My resolution is to spend more time making memories together—going to events around the city, baking, cooking, having pizza and movie nights and board game nights with family.”Robbie, DFWChild office manager 

“My 5-year-old daughter, Addie, had a friend over and he spilled cookie crumbs all over my area rug. I overheard her saying, ‘It’s okay, my mommy is the housekeeper.’ Um, excuse me! My resolution this year is to teach her how to sweep, vacuum and wash dishes … all before she starts kindergarten.”—Lakin, Forney

“My mom New Year’s resolution is to purge toys––they are everywhere! We’ve worked hard to teach our son about giving to others and about boys and girls who are not as fortunate as we are. We plan to go through all of his toys and books and donate ones that he doesn’t play with anymore to, hopefully, simplify that part of our lives while also helping those in need.”—Ashley, Dallas