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A New Mom’s Top 7 Baby Faves

read what items this new mom can't live without

When shopping for baby, there are a ridiculous amount of options; from the outrageous number of pacifiers to different kinds of baby monitors, how is anyone able to make a decision? To help new parents out, we asked new, first time mom and Grapevine local Courtney Tennyson to round up her top picks for baby and why she uses them for 8-month-old Wyatt.

1. Newton Baby Mattress

“This mattress is 100% breathable and machine washable. If your baby ends up being a tummy sleeper, this gives you peace of mind knowing they can breathe easy!”
Starting at $249.99

2. Dock A Tot

“If you need a place for baby to lounge, nap or just hang out, the Dock A Tot is perfect. It’s great for travel also!”
Starting at $175


3. Portable White Noise Machine

“We cannot live without this. It helps baby sleep—it’s good for car rides and easy to take anywhere you go.”
Marpac Hushh, $26.99


4. Ryan and Rose Teethers, Pacifiers, Pacifier Clips

“We use these for Wyatt because everything is very versatile. The clips are a good length, the pacifiers have different options and nipple types and the teethers are the perfect shape and size. “
Pacifiers starting at $9; teethers starting at $12; clips starting at $20


5. Ollie World Baby Swaddles

“These swaddles are the easiest to get baby in and out of, and it keeps baby snug all night long. We tried many other swaddles, and these were by far the best.”
Starting at $59



6. Kickee Pants Bamboo Sleepers

“These bamboo pajamas are perfect for the Texas weather all year long—they’re not too heavy and not too thin, so they keep baby the perfect temperature through the whole night.”
Starting at $37 for footie sleepers


7. Lollipop Baby Monitor

“We use this for Wyatt because the video is really clear. It also tracks how your baby is sleeping.”
Starting at $149


Images courtesy of Amazon.