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Mari Hidalgo King, Dallas mom and visual director of Neighborhood Goods, with her family, Photo courtesy of Korena Bolding Sinnett

Neighborhood Goods’ Mari Hidalgo King Shares Her Favorite Things

This Dallas mom dishes on her top picks for podcasts, designers and skin care products.

Dallas mom and visual director at Neighborhood Goods Mari Hidalgo King (read her full interview here) shares her beauty secrets, favorite local boutiques and where she goes for inspiration.

Favorite Podcasts
“I’m fond of a lot of different podcasts because I’m very non-committal. The only one that I commit to is Michelle Obama’s podcast. I would say I get a lot of energy from Wellness Mama. I also love The Business of Fashion Podcast and Think with Krys Boyd.”

Favorite Local Boutiques
Harkensback in Bishop Arts. My girlfriend Julie McCullough owns it, and she is a force. It’s size-inclusive, and the vision is beautiful. Marisa Dukowitz helped design the store. You walk in there and it just transforms you. It’s very magical, mystical and inspiring. Beatnik is also wonderful. I love how I can depend on a quick visit to Beatnik to add stylish, quality and comfortable items to my wardrobe. The pieces are perfectly in line with my active, style-conscious, working-mom lifestyle.”

Harkensback // 250 North Bishop Ave., Suite 170, Dallas
Beatnik Fine Goods // 837 W. 7th St., Dallas

Favorite Restaurant
El Jordan Café is a Mexican diner with the best breakfast tacos and comfort home-cooking that never disappoints. I love all the ways I can get my egg-fix here, and the service is family-oriented. Having eaten there for over a decade, we consider them family as well!”

El Jordan Café // 416 N. Bishop Ave., Dallas; 214/941-4451

Beauty Secrets
“I’m trying new products here at Neighborhood Goods. I am loving a local favorite called Colleen Rothschild. She has this No. 9 Face Oil, which is transformative. I’ve had it for a couple of weeks and I’m just really in awe. I also have a cream face wash that I have used for 6 years; I got on our Honeymoon in Germany. It’s Primavera’s Revitalizing Cream Cleanser.”

Designers of Choice
Comme des Garçons is by and large my all-time favorite. Then if you come down a little bit more down to reality, there’s an Australian designer that I really enjoy—her name is Karen Walker.”

Favorite Females
Former First Lady Michelle Obama and Bette Midler.

Where to Find Family Adventure
“On a drive. We have ‘Ms. Cushy,’ our ’06 Land Cruiser that we just bought from a family in Lubbock. Low miles. So we are going to go off-roading and try to find a little nature—random nature.”

Mari Hidalgo King, Dallas mom and visual director of Neighborhood Goods, with her family, Photo courtesy of Korena Bolding Sinnett

Dallas’ Hidden Gem
AURORA Area 3, the drive-thru parking garage art exhibition that opened in October in downtown Dallas. Area 3 has a special place in my heart because of my deep love for AURORA, having worked the event for over a decade. I’m really proud of the team, especially my husband, for pivoting so well to bring this much-needed injection of art to Dallas during the pandemic. I highly recommend families, masked friends and even company holiday parties take advantage of this transporting new media exhibition. And you can feel good that you did because the financial model is structured to split proceeds between artists, vendors and AURORA.”

Go-To for Getting Inspired
“Traveling really helps. I like walking busy metropolitan streets in other countries just to see how they’re living.”

This article was originally published in December 2020.

Photo courtesy of Korena Bolding Sinnett