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Natalie Drew

In a way, Natalie Drew discovered her career path by accident. “I was kind of looking for an easy major,” the University of North Texas alumna says. “As far as career, I didn’t have these big life goals.” She chose UNT’s Radio, Television and Film program on a whim and quickly “fell in love.” “I knew I was right where I was supposed to be.”
In the years since, her career’s taken her from production assistant on commercial and film sets to lead videographer for ReadyRosie, a video-based early education tool recommended by school districts across the state. Drew, 35, joined ReadyRosie six years ago when it was just launching and has been pivotal in its evolution from struggling startup to expansive video archive.
All the while, Drew and her husband of nine years, Josh, music minister at The Village Church Denton, have been expanding their own family with three boys, Hank, 6, Shepherd, 4, and Oakland, 2 months, and one girl, Banner, 2.
Did you know if you were having a girl or boy before the birth?
We didn’t know. It was a surprise.
Were the others surprises?
No, I’m so Type A I wouldn’t go there. But we figured this is probably our last child, so my husband who’s very free spirited wanted a surprise. I reluctantly agreed.
How does it feel to be a mom of four?
There’s something about being a mom of four kids that feels very overwhelming. But we want a big family. We’re just trusting that our vision for our family is good and right and that we’ll make it through the challenges that come our way.
Did you always want to be a mom?
I always wanted to be a mom, but it wasn’t until I became a mom that I realized how ignorant I was about motherhood. That reality check was tough for me.
What did you find most surprising?
Just that you wake up every morning and sort of plan your own funeral — that surrendering of yourself over to the needs of your children. It just revealed how selfish I am. I would love to be able to sleep in and have coffee at 10am, but the reality is that you’re up early and hitting the ground running.
What’s the most rewarding thing about being a mother?
I look at them as little world changers. That motivates me when I start to question whether I’m doing it right or wrong.
Most challenging aspect of motherhood
Discipline. Engaging those harder places of correction has been a challenge for me.
Are you the good cop to Josh’s bad cop?
We swap roles a lot. We’re constantly trying new techniques and approaches, trying to figure out what works and [what] doesn’t.
What have you enjoyed most about working for ReadyRosie?
Working with the children is the most fun; they’re so unpredictable and hilarious.
Do you use ReadyRosie at home?
Absolutely. I have this video library in my head of all these different activities and fun ways to spend time together. I try to pull them out of my bag of tricks when I can.
Will you go back to work?
This summer, I actually spent time training my replacement. With welcoming my fourth, I feel like I’ve hit my limit for being able to carry ReadyRosie projects for a time. I don’t know when I’ll be back around. We’re just taking it one month at a time. I definitely hope to come back. I become a better mom when I have the creative outlet.
Do you have other creative outlets?
I’ve been really interested in trying to learn more about cooking and food. My firstborn has some food allergies, so that threw me off. I’ve sunk my teeth into figuring out ways to make food healthier and more fun.
Do you have a favorite dish to make?
I’ve tried to perfect the art of chicken and cheese enchiladas with Mexican rice. My husband is a major Asian fan, so I’ve also tried to perfect chicken fried rice.
What are your favorite things to do around Denton as a family?
We love riding our bikes. We’re big on trying to hit all the parades and festivals. We like to catch live music.
Do you have a favorite spot for date night?
I love food trucks. My husband’s favorites include Thai Ocha and Oriental Garden Restaurant.
Three things you always keep in your purse
A stain stick, hand sanitizer and gum
Currently listening to
I’m really into gospel music right now and Michael Jackson for my kids
If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
To be able to speak any language at any time, so that I can teach my kids.
Three words to describe yourself
A hot mess. I’m just kidding — planner, lighthearted, and kind.