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My Perfect Sunday

Just when you were looking forward to another choose-your-budget itinerary, we switched it up again. Don’t worry; we think you’ll like these insider tips from our Inner Circle, a group of moms and dads who are willing to tell us about their favorite spots around Collin County. This month, Allen mom Amelia Malloy, 36, shares her perfect Sunday for under $40 with wife Jessica, 38, and kiddos Marley, 6, and Mateus, 18 months. –Jessica Myers

We love going to Haggard Park because there is so much to do in that area: We can visit the Interurban Railway Museum, the playground and the Downtown Plano Farmers Market (Sundays from 10am–3pm), all for free. Today we spent about an hour here — 30 minutes at the museum and another 15–20 minutes in the big grassy area just outside the museum. I took a picture of Mateus in front of Car 360, the big electric train car, but Marley wasn’t in it because she had already run across the way to the playground.
Right next door is Amazeballz, a gourmet cake ball shop. Marley ordered a s’more-flavored cake ball and Mateus picked birthday cake with sprinkles. (Luckily, it was vanilla with vanilla frosting so it made less of a mess on his clothes and the floor where he dropped it three times.) For us adults, we ordered the Boozeballz: margarita-flavored for me, and orange Creamsicle with whipped vodka for Jessica. My kids loved taking pictures in front of the Amazeballz backdrop; it made for a great photo op to remember our day.
On our way to dinner, we stopped at Celebration Park in Allen, another favorite weekend destination of ours. I love this park because the equipment is color-coded: Yellow for itty-bitty kids, then orange, blue and purple, the big kids’ zone. My kids love the long ramps that let them run the entire length of the playground. The ramps are wide enough for me or Jessica to join the kids since we can’t really leave Mateus alone on the structure. There is also a splash pad, a pond with ducks and lots of open green space to relax and soak up the sun.
After a long romp at the playground, we refueled at Twisted Root Burger Co. at The Village at Fairview. The repurposed car seats and lawn chairs already have holes in them for effect so I know my kids can’t really destroy anything. The laid-back atmosphere extends to the outdoor patio that has big picnic tables. The restaurant has a wide selection of local meats such as buffalo and venison, which is great for Jessica and me since we don’t eat cow meat. Marley loves sampling all the different pickles at the pickle bar, and both kids had turkey nuggets with flash-fried fresh veggies, which they loved.