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MOMS Club of Plano Central

he MOMS Club of Plano Central is nearly 50 mothers strong, led by Angie Woods, mom of 19-month-old Catherine and newborn Carrington. The group is part of the international MOMS Club organization, which started in 1983 to offer support to stay-at-home mothers. Woods is dedicated to continuing the club’s principles as well as forging friendships and helping the Plano community.

“In an area as large as Plano—nearly 250,000 people—it is surprisingly difficult to meet people in your life stage,” Woods says. “This organization makes it easy to meet people with a variety of backgrounds to give your children a good environment to make friends.”

"Our group plans monthly meetings with interesting speakers and discussions, park play days, special outings for mothers and their children and activity groups like playgroups for different ages. We also offer arts and crafts, monthly moms nights out and Coffee Klatch for moms of school-age kids. We meet during the day, and children are welcome at all our activities. We have an annual fundraiser during the fall every year. We select a local Plano charity or organization to collect items for. Most years these focus on children’s or women’s groups. The goal is give back to the community in which we live.

"A new member can try out
the group twice before deciding to join. We invite interested moms and children to attend our public events or monthly meetings to meet the members. Interested moms should send us an e-mail and we will contact them with all the activities we have scheduled for the month. Once they decide to join, they simply fill out the membership form and pay the yearly dues ($20).

"The children get along great. We currently have five different playgroups that members can choose to join that allow for the children to develop closer relationships with other kids. As the kids begin moms-day-out programs and move on to school, they already will know some children, making the transition much easier for the kids.

"The best part of belonging
to the club is being surrounded by women experiencing the same challenges raising small children as you. The organization offers a wide variety of activities that include the children so you always have something to participate in. It is a great group of women who support each other and have a good time with our kids—that’s the reason we decided to stay home full- or part-time."