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The Best #MommyFails We Heard in October

From a magician's trick gone wrong to a mermaid look-alike...

“Never bring a blanket that has sentimental value with you to the pediatrician—you will forget it and have to go right back.” —Stephanie, Watauga

“My youngest son asked for a magician’s costume to play dress-up. I walked in on him peeing in his magic hat. He said he wanted to see if the pee would disappear.” —Yori, Richardson

“My daughter showered with me one day. I smelled something funny and said, ‘Lilly, did you fart?’ She replied, ‘No, Mommy.’ The smell grew stronger. When I looked down, I saw that she had done No. 2.” —Marisela, Dallas

“We got a notice regarding an upcoming HOA board of directors meeting. Being great neighborhood citizens, we blocked our calendars, secured our babysitter and I even cooked. When we arrived, the school was dark and the parking lot empty. Right school, right time, wrong day!” —Tenise, Mansfield

“I was dropping off my son at school and realized the kids were wearing school paraphernalia instead of uniform—it was Field Day! I quickly ran to the dollar store for clothes. I now carry outside clothes, sneakers and school paraphernalia in the car just in case.” —Natasha, Red Oak

“When my son was a baby, I once rushed to change his diaper in the trunk of the car while running errands. I guess I wasn’t paying attention when I slid his pants back on, and the next thing you know, he’s squirming around in his stroller with both feet sticking out of one pant leg. He looked like a mermaid in denim.” —Angela, Las Colinas