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The Funniest #MommyFails We Heard in March

Tales of a talkative little Target customer and travel packing gone wrong

“I told Preston to play with his Play-doh, to which he responded, ‘It’s not Play-doh, it’s putty.’ He then lined up his slime, putty and Play-doh to show me the difference. Apparently, I really need to learn how to tell the difference.”Marie, Dallas

“I was very happy after I finished a big project. My 5-year-old daughter saw me and said, ‘Mom, I’m very proud you.’ My heart melted. She then said, ‘One question—what does “proud” mean?’”Bondie, Lewisville

“In my failed attempt to travel light, I packed all of my feminine items in my little one’s bag. This left my sweet girl with absolutely no diapers but plenty of mom’s liners—definitely my first child and a hard lesson learned.”Shaquinn, Highland Village

“On cleaning day, my son saw me spray Febreze on the couch and asked me what it was. I said it gives a fresh, clean smell. An hour later, I found him in the laundry spraying all his dirty clothes with Febreze.”Claudia, Fort Worth

“I said mucha habla to my kid. He repeated me, telling the Target cashier, ‘My mommy says I mucha habla—that means I talk too much.’”Zoya, McKinney

“I always look for moments to teach my 2-year-old vocabulary. One day, I noticed her smelling her own diaper and said, ‘No, that’s disgusting!’ A week later we tried a family-owned restaurant where they brought her their version of mac and cheese. When they came around and asked her how it tasted, she replied, ‘Disgusting!’”Estela, Irving

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