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Mommy Fails March 2018

Tampon sprees, dirt eating and more true stories

“In the middle of the night, my 2-month-old started crying for milk. I got up, grabbed a bottle, mixed the formula, sat the bottle on the nightstand and went right back to sleep. Luckily my son wasn’t too hungry because he fell asleep too.” —LaTari, Cedar Hill

“This is what happens when you leave the kids in the backyard to open the front door: Your toddler starts eating dirt from a plant pot. She wants to be ‘crunchier’ than her momma.” —Crystal, Fort Worth

“I accidentally threw away my kid’s homework and had to email the teacher begging them not to punish my child.” —Chrissy, Denton

“My husband took the kids to day care for years, and every time he forgot something in the backpack (extra change of clothes, bottles, etc.), the day care would get onto me about it, and I would get embarrassed and get onto him about it. This year I get to take the kids to day care. On the first day, I forgot the backpacks.” —Victoria, McKinney

“My 1 ½-year-old walked in on me using the bathroom and saw me putting a tampon in. Later that day I find her in the bathroom, and there are tampons all over the floor, in the bathtub, a few opened ones. She was trying to be like Mommy!” —Ashley, Allen

“When my son was 2, he had a stuffed puppy he took everywhere named ‘Baby Sister.’ one day we went to the store and he screamed, ‘Mommy, we left Baby Sister at home on the bathroom floor!’ everyone stared at me. We couldn’t leave fast enough.” —Stephanie, Flower Mound

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