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Mommy Fails January 2018

Bra mishaps and other true stories

“My husband was teasing me so I playfully punched him and said, ‘No!’ Next thing I knew, my 23-month-old daughter was hitting him and saying ‘No!’ too. Now she does it all the time, even in public.” —Marion, Dallas

“My 1-year-old son knocked over my Dr Pepper. I didn’t notice until I heard him slurping it off the floor.” —Stephanie, Flower Mound

“My 2-year-old daughter has a hard time saying her T’s and R’s. Consequently, the word ‘truck’ is ‘fwuck.’ When we are in public and she hears sirens and yells ‘Fwuck! Fwuck! Fwuck!’ at the top of her lungs, I can’t help but laugh.” —Brielle, Dallas

“After pumping at work, I went to ask my manager a question. She just smiled and stood there stunned. I looked down and saw that I had forgotten to button my blouse. Luckily, I did remember to snap my nursing bra back into place.” —Jessica, Dallas

“I was at the grocery store with my three kids when I saw a friend, started talking to her and put my baby down in the basket. When we were done chatting, I grabbed my two oldest kids’ hands and walked off. Two aisles over, I realized I left the baby. (Thankfully, my friend stayed with him until I came back.)—Latoyal, Plano

“My 4-year-old son saw my bra on a chair and asked what it was. I said it’s a bra that women use to support their boobs. Later we were in Target and went past the lingerie section, and when he saw the bras, he screamed super loud: ‘Mom, BOOBS!’” —Ashley, Dallas

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