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The Funniest #MommyFails We Heard in February

From grilled cheese gone wrong to a new meaning for the “Happy Birthday” song

“My 2-year-old always takes his shoes off. As I was heading out one morning, I grabbed the pair he had just taken off, set them down to grab my phone and left. It was not until I handed him over to his teacher that I realized I had brought him to school without shoes.”—Lisa, Grapevine

“My 2-year-old said, ‘go, mommy!’ when we stopped at a red light. I told him red means stop and green means go. Now he impatiently yells, ‘go, mommy—it’s green!’ whenever a stoplight turns green.”—Jacqueline, Keller

One day, my 5-year-old son came up to my husband and said, ‘daddy, you walk like a girl!’ My husband asked him what he meant. My son demonstrated ‘how girls walk’ (moving their butts). He still believes his Dad walks like a girl.”—Amruta, Plano

I couldn’t figure out why the cheese wasn’t melting in my attempt to make my son a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. Matter of fact, I hadn’t been able to cut it right either. I realized I didn’t take the cheese out of the wrapper.”—Nicole, Little Elm

I thought my son had chocolate all over his hands. I took him out of the car seat and saw it was poop.”—Jennifer, Fort Worth

My 18-month-old daughter learned the ‘happy birthday’ song; however she thinks it’s just a ‘happy’ song. So when she upsets her brother or makes me and Dad mad for drawing on the walls, she comes up to us with a gentle touch and quickly says, ‘happy bo-day to you.’”—Gabriela, Dallas