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Mommy Fails April 2018

The Forgetful Tooth Fairy and other tales

“I let my 6-year-old take a shower by himself. When he came out he didn’t say anything, but when he sat down to eat he was complaining about his upper lip. While in the shower, he grabbed my razor and decided to shave his ‘mustache.’” Melissa, Royce City

“When I picked up my 3-year-old son from the babysitter, I asked how he’d been that day, expecting a great report. She informed me that he crawled onto the counter and peed into the sink.” Angela, Las Colinas

“I took my daughter to Bubble Guppies Live. After, I couldn’t find my keys—I had left the car running for three hours!” Ashleigh, Arlington

“My son lost a baby tooth and placed it underneath his pillow that evening for the tooth fairy. Well, the tooth fairy completely forgot, and he woke up confused and slightly disappointed. I told him she must not have been able to find it. So, to be sure, it was right in the middle of his pillow the next night. Oops!” Nora, Rowlett

“My husband and I don’t swear often, but we both say ‘Oh s#!%!’ as a first reaction after something bad happens. Our little one is in the potty training stages, and she missed the potty. Out comes from her precious mouth, ‘Oh s#!%!’” Nina, Richardson

“My 9-month-old had a double ear infection, and the doctor gave him antibiotics. One morning I smelled something. I looked in the back of his diaper, but it was too late. Imagine a tube of toothpaste rapidly shooting up—but poop.” Annie, Plano

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