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Mommy Fails

“I was watching a television show with my 8-year-old, and one of the characters was drunk. My daughter asked, ‘What’s drunk?’ I said, ‘Oh, it’s just acting silly.’ She replied, ‘Oh … I’m drunk all the time!’” —Lora, Plano

“Some days, you think you’re winning as a parent. Others, you walk outside and see your toddler with his pants down, watering the grass.” —Jennifer, Fort Worth

“Potty training a boy can be a challenge. I did some research and came across an article that suggested throwing Cheerios in the toilet for him to aim for. Well, he decided to throw my phone in the toilet and aim for that too.” —Valeria, Dallas

“A lady was heading right toward my 6-year-old and me with her cart at Target. My daughter politely shouts, ‘Excuse us!’ and the lady begins to praise her for her great manners. Right as I was going to thank her, my daughter, with all the sass, says, ‘Well someone has to say excuse me … It wasn’t going to be you!’” —Danielle, Frisco

“My 4-year-old daughter knows I love the Rick Grimes character on The Walking Dead. In one of the episodes, the governor and Rick Grimes are fighting. My daughter walked in, looked at the TV and yelled, ‘Come on, Rick, kick his a%#!’” —Michelle, Irving

“I put my son in his walker and after two seconds, I heard the sound of grocery bags tossed around. To my surprise, I found an oval-shaped brown object in his hand … my husband forgot to throw away our pet’s droppings.” —Amber, Lewisville

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