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How Wylie Mom Adrianne Goodson, Quality Care Pharmacy Co-Owner, Takes Care On Thursdays

What the daily grind looks like for this Wylie mom of one

Adrianne Goodson and her husband, Craig, own Quality Care Pharmacy in Wylie. When she isn’t helping her husband at their pharmacy or dancing with their daughter, Aria, 5, you can find Adrianne grading English papers online for Obridge AcademyTaking care of Aria’s Australian Shepherd and BFF, Cruz, is also high on this mom’s priority list.

6AM Snooze!

6:15AM Just five more minutes.

6:20AM White flag! However, instead of rolling out of bed, I decide this will be the perfect time to scroll through social media, check Facebook and Instagram messages (and shopping sales) and reply to emails.

7AM Must have coffee. Guess I can finally roll out of bed, let Cruz, our 82-pound Australian Shepherd, out to use the restroom, greet my husband, and start the coffee. On that note, I am convinced that grinding up coffee beans in the morning actually produces the best smell in the world. After the coffee is made and manipulated with butter pecan creamer and three Sweet’N Lows, I relax and still accomplish nothing … yet.

7:30AM An hour and a half after the alarm originally went off, my day truly begins. “Aria—use the restroom, grab some fresh undies, and come brush your teeth,” I yell to my daughter to which in turn I get told, “Five more minutes!” I wonder where she gets that from? I get her dressed as quickly as possible, throw her a breakfast bar on the way out the door, and pray that I make it to school by 8:15am.

8:20AM We finally arrive at school approximately five minutes late (a daily occurrence). Thank goodness the teacher holds the door open while I brush the crumbs off of Aria’s jumper, hurriedly kiss her goodbye, and hope that everything she needs is somewhere stuffed into her oversized backpack.

9AM Clock in at Quality Care Pharmacy in Wylie. The best part is that if I am running a little late, my boss is my husband, Craig. He is the PIC, pharmacist in charge, and owner. Ring up customers, fill scripts, stock the front end of the store, work on marketing and accounting, ship medicines and prepare for deliveries.

11:30AM I head out to deliver prescriptions and pick up Aria from school. I love getting the chance to talk with our customers and give the extra touch of old-fashioned customer service.

2PM This is when I typically head home to start on my second job, teaching for Obridge Academy, an online school. I log in and start grading English papers for 6th through 9th graders. While I love everything related to teaching English, I do miss the face-to-face component of getting to know my students and their families.

3PM I get to make a quick stop at Sam’s Club. I am currently working with GigPig as a DFW Sam’s Club Sambassador, and I get to go into Sam’s Club and make 60-second videos highlighting amazing products and sales. Aria tags along as a junior Gigster helping me remember the key points.

3:50PM Acting Lessons! Aria loves taking acting classes. I sit in the lobby and watch Aria through the two-way mirror while chatting with the other moms and trying to ignore my addiction to my phone. I usually fail and wind up scrolling through social media.

6PM Home for good this time. I change into athletic clothes just in case I feel motivated to go to the gym later. Now Aria and I just play. She is typically running around the block in front of me while I walk Cruz.

6:30PM Time to break out a game. Yeti in My Spaghetti, Kerplunk, Catch the Fox—we play a game or do crafts until her daddy gets home around 7pm.

7PM My favorite part of the day. Craig comes home, and we are all together as a family. We make our Home Chef meal, share stories from the day and make plans for the future. My plans typically involve glorious vacations and local events. Craig joins in while he simultaneously pulls out his calculator to crunch numbers for these elaborate trips and events.

8PM Bedtime routine begins for Aria and Cruz. Aria brushes her teeth, takes a bath, gets dressed for bed and we read. She reads her library books to me, and I read a story to her. We talk about how it’s bedtime, and she tries to weasel more time out of us by choosing this time to tell us how beautiful we are, how much she loves us …

8:30PM While Aria should be in bed, we are typically having a family dance party as Aria says on repeat, “Alexa, play Meghan Trainor,” “Alexa, play JoJo Siwa,” “Alexa, play Dove Cameron.” (Is it embarrassing to admit that I’m equally as big of a fan of all three of those artists?)

9PM Let’s try again. I finally get Aria and Cruz into her bed, which is always an adorable sight. She sleeps every single night with her furry best friend. He has slept under her crib from the day she was born, and now he sleeps on the pillow next to her every night.

9:15PM Game of Thrones time. We started this series and are addicted. We are on the final season, and I just can’t get enough. I start the show hoping it begins with Daenerys Targaryen. The opening credits finish rolling, and I finally get to see which story line will start the show. The anticipation is building, and … snoring! My husband is already asleep.

10:15PM Another fabulous episode. I turn the TV off and snuggle into bed still wearing my athletic clothes, which makes me debate going to the gym one final time. Nope! Maybe tomorrow. Cue Craig waking up for romantic time.

10:17PM Two minutes later: just kidding.

10:30PM We snuggle up, say “I love you,” and drift off to sleep.