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How Rowlett Mom Nora Hamed, Stylist and PR Professional, Spends Her Mondays

This mom balances a full-time job, a part-time job, two kids ...and still makes time for nightly dinners

Nora Hamed is an SMU alumna and works for Brighter Horizons Academy as the school’s public relations officer. She’s also a part-time Stitch Fix stylist. Her husband, Ahmed, is a 7-Eleven franchisee and has three Dallas-area stores. They live in Rowlett with their two boys Ali, 9, and Adam, 5. Family movie nights are a big deal to them as the boys alternate picking out the next movie.

5:45AM My alarm goes off. And by alarm I mean the iPhone on the nightstand next to me. I hit snooze once, but I am definitely out of my bed by 5:55am.

6:15AM I get dressed and go upstairs (unless I already hear the brushing of teeth or the flushing of toilets) to make sure the boys are up and getting ready for school. It is Monday after all, so I’m lucky if they even flinch when I turn the lights on.

6:25AM They get their school uniforms on and come downstairs for breakfast. Paw Patrol is on in the background as they munch on cereal and pancakes.

7:05AM We are out the door and on our way to school. Ali reads a book while Adam basically goes back to sleep.

7:30AM It’s pretty cool that when we arrive at school I’ve actually arrived at work, too. This year is my first year as the public relations officer at their school, Brighter Horizons Academy. So I park the car, and we all walk in together. I hug them goodbye as I head to my office.

8AM I’ve been up for two hours and still haven’t had a cup of coffee! What? I quickly check my emails and look at my schedule for the day before I head to the nearest Keurig.

8:15AM I run into our Head of School (and fellow coffee lover) who reminds me that today is the Egg Drop project during 3rd and 4th periods, and it would be great to get some photos. As PR Officer it’s important to capture fun and engaging student activities and achievements.

9AM I review some website edits that need to be made. I’ve had my coffee so I go ahead and make the website tweaks.

9:45AM I just remembered I need a new ad for a local magazine we are in, so I go through recent photos to see what we have that may do the trick.

10:30AM Our social media coordinator stops by, and we discuss what events we need to be at this week as well as what we’ll be posting on our school Facebook page.

11:30AM Ok, I only had a banana and my coffee today so I’m starving. I see if some of my coworkers want to order lunch since I forgot to pack something.

11:40AM We decided on Chipotle. That was quick—it only took us 10 minutes!

12:30PM Lunch is here. I run downstairs to the front desk and grab it.

12:50PM I’m outside with the 11th grade physics students as they are about to put their creations to the ultimate test. Will their eggs survive a drop from our school roof? That’s an  eggcellent question. And in case you were wondering, yes! We did have a few survivors.

2:30PM I’m back at my desk and finishing up a few things for the day.

3:58PM Even though I oftentimes see my boys in the hallways or on their way to P.E., I still get excited as I walk to the after-care classroom and pick them up. “Ali, Adam, your mom is here!”

4:23PM We get home and the boys quickly change into their swim trunks. Mondays are our swimming nights. The boys are swimmers at Aqua Tots Rockwall. Adam is still learning how to be a great swimmer while Ali is a Level 7 Shark.

5:50PM Back home and time to think of dinner. The boys are always super hungry after swimming, so it’s got to be something easy. Oh yes! Those turkey meatballs I made the other day and put in the freezer will do. It’s going to be Italian night. The whole family loves spaghetti and meatballs. Just add some breadsticks and salad, and done.

6:30PM Hubby is home (yay!), and we can all sit and eat together. Lately, our schedules have been so hectic between work, school, swimming and my part-time styling job that we don’t always get to sit and enjoy a meal together.

7PM Now to my part-time job. I’m a Stitch Fix stylist and love being able to style clients almost daily. It’s my creative outlet, and did I mention I love it? While I work, Ali finishes up his homework and reads for 20 minutes.

9PM The boys are tucked into bed, and it’s finally time to wind down. Ahmed tells me about his busy day while I tidy up the kitchen.

10PM Time to brush my teeth and get ready for bed. It’s been a long Monday!